VICE Media hearts Hookline

We are absolutely thrilled to announce our new partnership with global digital media and broadcasting company, VICE Media.

Founded in Montreal Canada in 1994, the magazine started as a government-funded project for a community-building welfare programme. Now with more than 900,000 readers across 22 countries, Vice is building an empire – complete with its own web-based television channel, fashion range, online store and record label.

The company produces and licenses content for mobile, TV, film and magazine; and publishes a vast number of videos across various content categories for the web.

In February 2016, VICE Media launched the television network Viceland — a millennial-targeted network with cutting-edge content and topical documentary features.

Now VICE is set to become even more awesome with access to so much fantastic music via Hookline’s hand-picked collection.

We’re so excited to be working with such a boundary-pushing organisation and we look forward to hearing our tunes across the VICE airwaves soon.

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