Terms & Conditions

Hookline Licence Agreement – Standard Terms and Conditions
Music from the Hookline LTD catalogue is available to licence (not sold) for every kind of usage imaginable. Our music is regularly used on (but not limited to) TV, Film, Corporate, Advertising, Online & Games productions.

Examples of licenses
Single usage = a client can licence our music on a single track by track basis. This is often suitable for advertising clients or shorter duration projects. Please request our RATE CARD for more information.

A variety of discounts are available for large usages such as TV series or advertisements with multiple versions. Just get in touch!

Terms & Conditions
You must not use music from our catalogue (and no licence shall be valid) unless and until payment is received in full by Hookline LTD. All licences are subject to the rights of the PRO societies worldwide.

You must ensure that a performance licence is in place for any and all public performance of the track(s). If you wish to use any tracks represented by Hookline LTD in your production, we will issue you with our standard form licence agreement, which sets out the applicable terms/conditions in more detail.

These are our standard terms/conditions for licensing Hookline LTD tracks but we are always happy to consider requests to vary these terms – for example, an expansion of the rights, so just get in touch!

COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTION NOTICE – Unauthorised copying, distribution, broadcast and public performance strictly prohibited. Hookline LTD repertoire may not be used without a licence. For any questions or information on obtaining a licence, please contact everyone@hookline.tv.