Spotlight on New York

We keep banging on about it, but it’s true – our Scouts are what make Hookline, well, Hookline.

We could never pretend to understand the breadth and depth of emerging local music from around the world without working closely with our Scouts. Whether that’s exciting new genres coming out of Sao Paulo, authentic Bollywood records from Mumbai or underground beats out of Kenya – our network of Scouts give us access to some of the most interesting and diverse repertoire globally.

We recently took a trip out to the city that never sleeps, New York, to meet up with some of our favourite agency and music supervisor clients, sign-up some new artists and welcome a brand new Scout, Rebecca Feynberg to the Hookline family. She’s one interesting and fabulous chick – and this is her under the spotlight:


Rebecca Feynberg


New York, NY

Day Job:

Music Technology Professor at NYU, recorded sound preservationist

A bit of Rebecca history:

“Ok, my history is not complete without mention that I am first-generation American. My parents are from Russia. I grew up playing piano and took lessons for 7 years in a conservatory. Then I switched to guitar and from there began picking up other instruments. I studied music production so I could record the songs I was writing and then fell in love with music production, synthesizers and electronic music. After getting my master’s in Music Technology at NYU, I began doing recorded sound preservation work, dealing mostly with wax cylinders and 78 RPM phonograph discs. I am known to sing jazz from the 1920s and 1930s with a few bands in the city. I get around on a 1972 Honda CB350 motorcycle.”

Rebecca, can you give us a couple of NYC-based artists that should be on our playlists *right now*?

Rebecca on the interwebs:

Watch this space for brand new, New York bred artist additions to the ever-growing Hookline collection coming soon!

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