Meet our secret weapon: Mike.

2016 has been a busy year. While the months and the sunshine and the syncs have flowed steadily by, we totes forgot to introduce you to our secret weapon, Mike.

Mike is Head of Production at Hookline. He’s been part of the team since early 2016, but we’ve been so busy, we completely forgot to give him the official welcome on ze blog.

You’ll find Mike wrangling all the important jobs at Hookline. Things like royalty and contract management, overseeing our data and catalogue, a little A&R plus many more things that require a keen eye for detail and an unfaltering commitment to quality.

You may have already had the pleasure¬†of¬†dealing with Mike as an artist (he’s mighty quick on dem contracts, eh?) or as a client (don’t he just fire off the briefs quickity chop, eh?). But if you haven’t already made the acquaintance of this super human, your time will come.


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