NZ Music Month

It’s NZ Music Month, so what better time than now to let you in on Hookline’s little scouting adventure to Australia. KIDDING. We’re in New Zealand, obvs.

This vast Kiwi wilderness of fern forests, volcanos and rugged coastlines, appears to breed a larger than average stock of ingenious, independent, outdoorsy folk. People who, as Peter Jackson puts it, “have a healthy disregard for the way the rest of the world works.”

I like it. You daredevil individual cool kids at the end of the earth, you.


Over the past decade or so, New Zealand’s creative arts scene has really blossomed. Film, animation, music, you name it. For such a sparsely populated country, you’d be surprised how far-reaching these talented Kiwi artists are. When they’re not touring the world, they’re touring their own cities and towns.

The NZ Music gene has presented characteristics like melody-tastic Crowded House (COME ON GUYS, I can’t not mention them), blissful singer-songwriters like Bic Runga, belly-laughs from Flight of the Conchords, completely chilled-out Fat Freddy’s Drop, achingly fresh and cool Lorde… to name the obvious traits.

Flight of the Conchords

For the past few months, I’ve had the horrible* task of watching the gorgeous beaches and mountains sail past while I develop Hookline’s repertoire and network on this side of the globe. I really hate** my job sometimes.

So hey awesome NZ independent artists: holler if you’re interested in hooking up with Hookline.

Not an artist, but have your fingers, toes and elbows on a really awesome bit of the NZ Music Scene? We’d like to hear from you too.

* NZ is the opposite of horrible.
** I really really love my job.

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