MOBOs and the rise of the independent artist

Happy MOBO Awards day folks!

In the lead up this year’s MOBOs, Craig David (one Hookline HQ’s old school crushes) stepped up to PR machine in support of the independent movement. Gosh Craig, we didn’t realise it was possible to crush more.


According to an interview featured in BBC Newsbeat today, Craig says “it’s a beautiful time for new artists coming through.”

Thanks to the new paths paved by independent pioneers such as MOBO nominees Frank Ocean and Skepta, there’s never been a better time to release music without the backing of a major label.

“There are so many tools these days, social media-wise, where you can build your own fan base on one side but you can also put your music out without having to go down where the gatekeepers are and say, ‘Please can you release this?'” Says Craig.

Shakka, a rising star and MOBO-nominated independent artist also joined in on the independent celebration today, saying, “it’s important that we have an independent artist who is waving the flag for people who believe that it is possible to get to such heights without major label backing or investment.”

We’ve written before about the role of independent music in the future of the industry. Every year we watch as the world’s music talent de-centralises, becomes increasingly independent and shows it’s still possible to make popular music at scale.

If your production could benefit from the magic of one of our amazing independent tracks in the Hookline catalogue, or if you’re an awesome independent artist, we’d love to hear from you. Afterall, Hookline is the world’s best collection of independent music. This is our bag.

We’ll certainly be tuning into ITV2 tonight – with our independent music pom-poms at the ready – to see who’s lucky enough to grab a MOBO in 2016.

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