Indigo Face

Singer/songwriter Mariachiara Terragin and Producer Maxime Obadia are known together as Indigo Face. With their latest single ‘At The Gate’ having recently been premiered on Music Week, we thought it would be a great time to get to know them even better – before they’re all famous and stuff, you know?

At The Gate is beautifully haunting, sparse and atmospheric – what do you picture when you write music?

What inspires us the most is contemporary art and cinema. For example, the delicate approach of Ewa Partum’s video installation at the Tate Modern, “Active Poetry”, the intimacy and boldness of Mira Schendel’s paintings, and the theatrical, spiritual and visionary exhibition of Hiroshi Sugimoto really moved us and had a great impact on the sound and lyrics of our second EP.

But simple things in daily life can also be an inspiration: a sound, a colour or a memory. Sometimes a weird-sounding word or a discussion with a friend can be the starting point of a whole tune!

Is there a concept behind the EP?

The concept behind this EP is transformation. At the Gate, our single, depicts the transition from an earthly to a spiritual and ethereal dimension, Golden Face and I Was Wrong describe the complexity of interpersonal relationships, Come Close is about time and how it can transform feelings, emotions, relations between people, Unfaithful portrays the shape-shifting nature of the human being.

What’s coming up for Indigo Face over the next year or so?

We will share three music videos in the next few months! We are also planning to play live a lot, so keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for upcoming events!

Listen to Indigo Face on our site here. To licence, get in touch at

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