Exclusively yours, Hookline

Hookline has always been a small, hard-working, global team. Now we are a BIG, hard-working, global team – thanks to our new sub-publisher sales force around the world.

Hookline’s brand new sub-publisher partnerships means more countries, bigger networks, more sales and greater reach for our Hookline artists.

Changing our relationship status

To make this magic happen, we’ve had to make a couple of changes. We had to have ‘The Talk’ and change our relationship status. Publicly. Yes, Hookline has decided to go… EXCLUSIVE. I know, serious commitment init ;).

TV Producers, Film Directors and Music Supervisors love working with Hookline because we work with artists and small labels who own their recordings and compositions. I know we keep banging on about it, but sync really is a great opportunity for independent music to get the exposure and the revenue it deserves.

Playing hard to get, oldest trick in the book

Our collection is handpicked from around the world and carefully curated. And the fact that we’re now the only company representing this handpicked repertoire gives us a pretty awesome and unique proposal. You simply can’t license this music from anyone else. You want it? Come and get it!

Hookline’s new exclusive collection also means that because you can’t license our repertoire elsewhere, we are generally able to land higher sync fees, which means more money for artists. YAY.

It’s complicated

If you’re a hot independent artist, I’m betting that you have been approached to sign a licensing agreement with a company such as Hookline. As I’m sure some of you have experienced, agreements offered by music companies can come in all shapes and sizes.

Yes, non-exclusive deals can allow you the flexibility to work with whoever you want, but companies offering these deals are generally a lot larger than exclusive companies and your repertoire may have a harder time finding the spotlight it deserves. (Trust us, we tried.)

And don’t get us started on the confusion that music supervisors, production companies, agencies and performing rights organisations (PROs) suffer when multiple publishers/reps are claiming ownership over the same work. Add international sub-publishers into the mix? Right proper mess.

The whole non-exclusive process can also be a nightmare for Hookline, as we earn our bread based only on the success of our efforts. Trying to track down where an initial pitch came from can be complicated – especially as more and more non-exclusive companies come onto the scene.

Know your worth

More importantly, if a music supervisor wants to license one of your tracks they may chat to all of the companies claiming to represent you and will opt for one that offers the lowest fee – you might end up undercutting yourself, you silly ninja!

Our future together

We’re super proud of our collection and all the talented artists who have joined the Hookline family. We’re ready to commit. We’re pushing forward in 2017 and can’t wait to see the fruits of our invaluable sub-publisher relationships around the world – as well as lots more success right here in the UK.

Exclusively yours,


If you’re interested in joining the Hookline family, drop us a line.
If you’re looking for music for your production, browse our exclusive collection here.

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