Help! We need space!

We are three lady-people looking for shared workspace for two days a week. We’ve exhausted every coffee shop that offers a decent coffee-wifi-bathroom-power to cost ratio, the VW campervan, Bill’s restaurants in most parts of London, the Southbank Member’s “desk space”, and most glamourous, the Hilton lobby. (Ask me sometime about how they don’t let pregnant women […]

The Cannes Chronicles #1

Ok yes, you got us. This blog post is about 6 weeks late. But. It has taken us 6 weeks to recover & surface from our Cannes Lions 2014 experience.

Come Cannes-ping with Hookline

We’ll be at Cannes Lions – CANNES-PING (sorry) – in an Aqua VW Campervan all week. We want to talk to you about independent music and what you look for in a track. Humour us and we’ll spoil you with champers and take you on tour.

No budget? You’re Hilarious.

You may remember the story that went viral late last year – A London based TV Production Company writes a letter to electronic artist Whitey saying they would like to use one of his tracks in a series they were producing but they, (hold on to your panties) ‘have no budget for music’.

‘Shameless’ Music Supervisor shows devotion to independent artists.

Ann Kline. We salute you. It’s not often us Hookline ladies find someone we’re so utterly and completely aligned with. Showtime’s US remake of dysfunctional family drama, ‘Shameless’ has taken a unique strategy and approach when it comes to finding music to place in their production.

Hello world, we are Hookline

In mid 2013, three passionate souls: Rachel Menzies, Amy Wagner and Jessica Wittebort got their heads together to solve the ‘Sync’ problem. Enter, Hookline Ltd.