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Hookline has always been a small, hard-working, global team. Now we are a BIG, hard-working, global team – thanks to our new sub-publisher sales force around the world.

Meet our secret weapon: Mike.

2016 has been a busy year. While the months and the sunshine and the syncs have flowed steadily by, we totes forgot to introduce you to our secret weapon, Mike.

Hookline partner with the Unsigned Music Awards

As if Hookline hasn’t shared enough exciting news with you this month, we now have even more to shout about; We’re proud to announce that Hookline are an official partner to the Unsigned Music Awards.

Spotlight on New York

We keep banging on about it, but it’s true – our Scouts are what make Hookline, well, Hookline. We could never pretend to understand the breadth and depth of emerging local music from around the world without working closely with our Scouts. Whether that’s exciting new genres coming out of Sao Paulo, authentic Bollywood records […]

Antonio in South America

Antonio Lulic just returned from his South American tour with Ed Sheeran – and clearly had way too much fun. Antonio worked his way from Santiago to Rio and São Paulo. The tour was a tremendous success, paired with SOLD OUT concerts and glorious social love: example 1 and why not, example 2. As you do.  Antonio began posting in Spanish and Portuguese, […]

Hookline welcomes…

Diego Philips and Victoria Hume join the Hookline family. Diego Philips is from Belgium but has called places like Spain and Japan home and is a huge enthusiast of American authors and musicians. Indulge in his warm Folk revealed at the BIMM London Sofa Session. You can also find Diego on Facebook and on Twitter Victoria Hume joins us […]

Spotlight on Toronto

Spotlight on Toronto from musician, artist, Scout & badass, Jeremy MacFarlane: Part of the magical Hookline potion is that we have talented Scouts all over the world unearthing eclectic and territory-specific genres. Lately, Hookline has been drooling over the magnificent soundwaves rolling in from Toronto. So, we asked our Toronto Scout, Jeremy Macfarlane, to divulge […]

In search of great music

First. A bit of a ramble. The 80s did buttons right. Hairdryers, car consoles, telephones, remote controls and the likes were littered with a symphony of buttons. It was almost art. Someone decided that nine settings on a hair dryer was a great idea. Clearly somebody forgot to ask anybody that used a hairdryer. The […]