Antonio in South America

Antonio Lulic just returned from his South American tour with Ed Sheeran – and clearly had way too much fun. Antonio worked his way from Santiago to Rio and São Paulo. The tour was a tremendous success, paired with SOLD OUT concerts and glorious social love: example 1 and why not, example 2. As you do. 

Antonio began posting in Spanish and Portuguese, so we might be at risk of loosing him to South America in the future ; )

The Hookline crew is so proud to follow this hard-working and committed artist as he crosses the finish line. Performing since he was 17, Antonio was raised in the North East of England and son to a South American political exile. Antonio Lulic is a singer-songwriter whose deep, gravelled vocal combines with an intimate and powerful lyrical style to deliver a uniquely soulful, passionate and uplifting performance.

Enjoy a bit of Antonio’s work here, and then hunt Antonio down in the Nizlopi Spring 2015 UK Support Tour.

And, as always, contact with licensing inquiries

We’re glad you’re home safe Antonio,


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